Our Comprehensive Package covers all aspects of the college planning process. We also help drive the process to ensure the student is on course and hitting all the important milestones along the way. You get a college coach and a project manager!

At Head to College we customize a program for each student, and take a limited caseload to ensure students get personalized attention. We work with students across the country and provides consulting services via one-on-one appointments, web-based meetings, phone calls, and emails.

We adhere to the professional guidelines of IECA, HECA, and NACAC, including: To act ethically, serve with integrity, and respect confidentiality; and to respect the college pursuit process as a learning opportunity for everyone. We make no guarantee of college admission or placement, or guarantees of financial aid or scholarship awards. We do guarantee we have the student’s best interest at heart and will support them through the process with gentle honesty, sound advice, and a sense of humor.

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