How We Can Help

Jill Athenour customizes a program for each student, and takes a limited caseload to ensure students get personalized attention. She works with students across the country, and provides consulting services via one-on-one appointments, web-based meetings, phone calls, and emails. Services include:

Self-Discovery/Career Exploration

Using a number of assessments, discover your likes and dislikes, strengths and challenges, possible career preferences, as well as your hopes and dreams for college.

Personalized List of Colleges

You will have a balanced list of colleges that fit you academically, financially and socially. This list is prepared from family and student input combined with Jill’s first hand knowledge of colleges across the country.

College Research Strategy

Learn how to effectively research colleges online, looking far beyond the school’s website. Once you’ve determined a college is worth visiting, discover how to get the most out of your campus visits.

Scholarships and Financial Planning

Find out what your family will be expected to contribute toward the cost of college; how to apply for financial aid; and the various types of scholarships and need-based aid available.

Academic Planning

Preparing for college begins with careful planning. You will be guided on what high school courses to take as well as the appropriate level of academic rigor for you.

Standardized Testing

You will have a tailored testing plan that includes which tests to take, when to take them, and how best to prepare. A good plan alleviates stress!

Activities Resume

Explore your passions and develop a strong college admissions resume that demonstrates what makes you unique, and how you will contribute to student life on a college campus.

Application Strategy

Your college application needs to tell a story… your story. Learn how to create an application that reflects who you are and what you have to offer in a confident and authentic way.

College Essays

Explore topics for your essays and learn how to present the information in a way that will grab the attention of the reader. Editing services for grammar, punctuation and clarity are provided.

Application Action Plan

A step-by-step manageable plan will keep you organized so your college applications are completed accurately and on time.

Making The Final Decision

Once your admissions letters have arrived, navigate the final decision-making process and choose the college that is just right for you.   To schedule an initial consultation, click here   Jill Athenour adheres to the professional guidelines of IECA, HECA, and NACAC, including: To act ethically, serve with integrity, and respect confidentiality; and to respect the college pursuit process as a learning opportunity for everyone. She makes no guarantee of college admission or placement, or guarantees of financial aid or scholarship awards. Jill does guarantee she has the student’s best interest at heart and will support them through the process with gentle honesty, sound advice, and a sense of humor.