ACT Section Retakes Coming Soon

Another big change is coming this fall! Starting in September the ACT will allow for sectional retesting. After taking a complete official ACT, students can opt to retake one, two or three individual sections rather than retaking the whole test. All retakes will be computer based, and testing will take place at a testing center where each student will be taking his or her own sections with distinct timing.

Potential Pros:

I have to believe students will love this. They can shift their focus from the full test with four sections to tackling one session at a time. Once they lock in a good score on a section, they will never have to look at that content again. It has yet to be seen if this will benefit students in terms of increasing their scores.

Potential Cons:

Kids who are perfectionists may shift into perfection mode, trying to ace particular sections even after they have attained a solid score. Will this drive students to be better, work harder, and as a result add more stress?

We also don’t yet know how colleges are going to respond. Colleges are in the process of determining their policies regarding retakes. Some will accept retake scores, some will not. Georgetown for example announced it is unlikely to accept single retakes. They are doing further research. Students will have to monitor retake policies of each of the schools they are applying to.

If this is something that interests you, the first opportunity for retakes will be in September; registration will open in July. Test centers are likely to fill quickly so mark your calendars!