5 Types of Application Deadlines

When it comes to submitting your applications, there are several application deadline options out there to choose from. Here is a basic overview of those deadlines:

Regular Decision (RD)

The deadline for regular decision applications is generally somewhere between January 1 and February 1. You will receive an admissions decision no later than April 1 and have until May 1 to make your final decision and confirm your enrollment.

Early Action (EA)

With Early Action you generally need to get your applications in by either November 1 or November 15. The nice thing is you will hear back from the schools as early as December or January, and still have until May to make your final decision.

Restrictive Early Action (REA)

This is similar to Early Action in that you apply to your school of choice and get a decision early. The catch is that you are restricted from applying ED or EA or REA to other schools. If you go this way, you’ll have until May 1 to confirm that you’ll attend.

Early Decision (ED)

The deadlines for ED are similar to Early Action; the difference is that Early Decision is a contract between you and the college. You agree that if the college accepts you, you’ll attend that college and withdraw all other applications. Because of this commitment, you can apply Early Decision to only one college.

Rolling Admission

With Rolling Admissions schools review the applications when they are submitted and make decisions throughout the admission cycle (usually within four to six weeks after they receive the application).

Keep in mind that admissions deadlines will vary from school to school. The only way to be sure about a college’s deadlines is to confirm the dates with each school you are applying to.