Adjusting to Changes from COVID-19

With COVID-19 have come many changes in the world of college admissions. SAT and ACT tests have been cancelled, AP tests are very different this year, college campuses are closed, and students are taking classes online. Nothing is “normal,” and with that comes a lot of fear and anxiety.

The best remedy I have found is ACTION. Keep moving forward. Here are some ways you can keep moving toward your goal of heading to college:


The next SAT/ACT tests are scheduled for June. This may change but for now register for these tests if you haven’t already.  Spaces are expected to fill quickly.

ACT Registration

SAT Registration

Keep your skills sharp by doing some test prep. Mock SAT tests and practice questions are available for free through Kahn Academy. There are also ACT and SAT prep books available on Amazon if you’re tired of looking at a computer screen. I know I am!

If the SAT and ACT June tests are cancelled, you will still have the opportunity to test in the fall, well before college applications are due.

Also keep in mind that the list of test optional schools is growing daily: University of Oregon, Boston University, Case Western, etc.  This was a trend that started some time ago, but that trend has accelerated with the recent SAT/ACT cancellations. It is worth noting that even for the schools that are test optional, historically about 80 – 85% of the students who are accepted did submit test scores. That indicates to me that tests are not going to go away. However, this year, who knows! If the June tests are cancelled, we can expect to see even more schools going test optional.


Even though you aren’t able to visit college campuses at this time,  you can still be learning about the colleges you are interested in. There are amazing resources available for you to learn about colleges, right from your home.

College Websites: Do a deep dive into the websites. Look at curriculum requirements for your prospective major. If you’re undecided, investigate advising resources for students with undeclared majors. Head to the section on student life and learn about student organizations and club sports. There is a wealth of information behind the landing page of every college website.

Virtual Tours and Information Sessions: Most colleges offer virtual tours  that enable you to see the campus, and with the recent developments colleges have responded by developing a variety of additional ways to connect virtually. Check the website for virtual information meetings, meetings with admissions reps, etc.

Social Media: Join the college’s Facebook group to connect with students. Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are resources as well. Search for YouTube videos on your colleges of interest and you’ll find plenty of students sharing information and experiences about their colleges.

There is a wealth of information available through virtual experiences so grab your laptop and cellphone and immerse yourself in research and discovery. You will feel better knowing you are still making progress toward finding your college fit!