Our Philosophy

The college admissions process tends to strike fear in the hearts of students and families. They are trying to figure out the magic formula for getting into college and, as a result, students are “reverse engineering” themselves to be the person they think colleges want them to be. It’s causing a lot of stress!

At Head to College, we believe each student is unique and has special gifts and talents. We want to empower students to discover those strengths and find colleges that are a fit – colleges where they will feel comfortable being themselves, and yet will be challenged to learn and grow. We approach the college admissions process from the perspective of growth, learning, and possibility – rather than fear, comparison, and scarcity. Our approach is far healthier and much more fun, for students and their families.

Jill Athenour, M.A., CEP

Founder/College Counselor

Jill Athenour has over 25 years experience in the education field with 10+ years in college admissions. She has earned the profession's highest designation of Certified Education Planner (CEP). In addition she is a member of HECA and Co-Chair of the 2020 national conference; Past Chair of College Consultants of Colorado; and a member of RMACAC.

She visits over a dozen campuses each year, attends national conferences, and participates in professional activities and organizations to keep up with college admissions trends. She frequently presents seminars and workshops on various college planning topics around the Denver metro area.

Jill holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from UC, Santa Barbara; a Master's in Counseling from St. Mary's College of California; and a Certificate in Independent Educational Consulting from UC, Irvine. She is trained in Co-Active Coaching and is certified in a number of assessment instruments. She is also the mother of two college students.

Bobby Kenney

Test Prep Specialist

Bobby Kenney is a Harvard graduate and one of Colorado’s premiere ACT/SAT tutors. He is among a handful of people in the nation to have scored a perfect 36 on the ACT on all 3 of his attempts (taken twice in high school and once in 2017). In addition, he has scored a 1590 on the redesigned SAT in an official administration (taken March 2018).

As a private tutor, Bobby has worked with over 400 students since 2013 and has seen an average score increase of 3.7 points on the ACT (with 5 students ultimately reaching a 35) and 120 points on the SAT (with 6 students scoring over 1500). His passion is helping students improve, so he is constantly searching for the most effective techniques to achieve that goal.

Corrie Vaus

Senior Editor/Writing Coach

Corrie Vaus is a seasoned and well-respected writer and journalist who has worked every angle of storytelling - script writing, editing, photography, and video editing. Her philosophy is that everyone has a story, and she has an innate ability to recognize and develop each student's unique story.

Corrie’s accomplishments include 16 Emmys for uncovering stories, writing, and reporting; and 9 Golden Mike Awards,® Southern California's most prestigious and coveted broadcast journalism prize. She served as bureau supervisor for the national TV show “The List,” and producer for the well-known “PM Magazine.” She also worked as a reporter for NBC. Corrie graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism.